Sindh Government Plans to Run a Bullet Train Between Sukkur and Karachi

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The Minister of Transport Sindh, Sharjeel Memon while speaking about the bullet train said that “it will initially be introduced on the Karachi-Hyderabad route”

Sharjeel Memon, the transport Minister of Sindh just recently announced that the Sindh Government is planning on constructing a bullet train project stretching from Karachi to Sukkur. Once introduced, this train will significantly introduce the hours of travel between the two cities.

The plans were revealed in a meeting on the Yellow Line BRT with World Bank officials in Karachi. Alongside the transport minister and the World Bank delegation, several other members of the ministry also attended the meeting.

Speaking to the world bank delegation, Sharjeel Memon said that they need assistance from the World Bank as they are planning to launch a Karachi-Sukkur bullet train project and improve the transport system of Pakistan’s financial hub ‘Karachi’.

Adding in more details about the Sindh government’s plans, Sharjeel Memon said that initially the bullet train will be built between Karachi and Hyberabad and will be expanded with time.

Apart from the assistance in building the bullet train, the transport minister also requested the World Bank to provide 300 electric buses for the People’s Bus Service project in Karachi.

Currently China is also providing Pakistan with high quality electric buses. Details suggest that China is to provide Pakistan with 446 high speed buses, 230 of which are about to arrive in Karachi in a few weeks.

Once arrived, these buses will be handed over to Pakistan Railway, which will then transport them to the desired location.