Huawei Sound X – Premium Dual-Subwoofer, Bluetooth Speaker, now in Pakistan

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Huawei Sound X – Premium Dual-Subwoofer, Bluetooth Speaker, now in Pakistan

Continuing with its award-winning innovations, Huawei – the global technology leader has now introduced Sound X – a revolutionary Dual-Subwoofer Wireless Speaker in Pakistan too. The device has been exquisitely designed, in collaboration with ‘Devialet’ – the world-leading audio brand, specializing in professional acoustic technologies, to provide universal accessibility to immersive, distortion-free High-Fidelity audio, amidst a lush 360° Surround-Sound field. Over the years, Devialet’s extensive Research has created powerful sound technologies that enable suppression of background noise and low-pitched vibrations.

The Marketing Manager of Huawei Pakistan stated that: It is a pleasure for us to introduce this 1.5-inch full-frequency speaker with 6 Powerful Tweeters, to deliver; 40 Hz Bass Deep and other powerful solutions like; Huawei Share; One-hop Audio Sharing and the Starry Night feature, to provide the most mesmerizing musical experiences.
Huawei’s Sound-X is bolstered with the ‘Speaker Active Matching’ SAM® technology, the distinctive Push-Push structure, and HUAWEI’s self-developed technology – EMUI 10.1 to promise a concert-hall experience, activated by touch-sensitive buttons on a vibrant screen. Its open, visible bass unit is another sophisticated design feature, as the sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate, with the power of music. This creates a lasting visual impression, while its psychedelic light show and runway-style sound-holes put air molecules in motion to create another spellbinding effect.

As the creator of futuristic audio-technologies, like; SAM, HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion), and ACE® (Active Cospherical Engine) – Devialet has already won 76 awards and 160 technology patents. The Devialet Premier and Reactor series devices are globally popular for their ultra-low distortion and saturation, as well as, for approaching 0 dB of background noise. The Gold Phantom and Silver Phantom models are also well-known for their radical egg-like appearance, sought worldwide, especially by the younger consumers.

Powered by a MediaTek MT8518, Quad-core 1.5 GHz Central Processing Unit, with 512 MB RAM and 8 GB ROM, the futuristic product promises stratospheric amplification power, with peak values of 4500W and 3000W respectively. The 3.5-inch Subwoofer x 2 ensures 0 dB of background noise and 0.005% ‘Total Harmonic Distortion’ (THD).

Its robust performance is backed by a reliable global warranty from Huawei. In Pakistan, the Sound X is already available at ‘’: and ‘Cube’:, as the sleek design and beautiful Black color continues has a mesmerizing effect on the tech-savvy music-enthusiasts.

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