Apple’s much anticipated VR/AR headset might not launch until 2023

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Apple’s much anticipated VR/AR headset might not launch until 2023

For many months there have been rumors of Apple aiming to launch its own line of AR/VR-based products which includes a lightweight headset. Moreover, it was said that the headset would launch in 2022 but according to some recent developments, reported by Bloomberg, the headset might not release until 2023.

Initially, the Cupertino-based tech giant aimed to reveal the headset at the next WWDC however it was reported that due to some challenges in regards to software and hardware, the initial plan may not be implemented as the company thought. The evidently means that we might see the much-anticipated headset in 2023’s WWDC.

Judging by the price ranges of the last Apple products, it is expected that the price of the headset would be above $2,000. Moreover, the headset would be rocking two processors where at least one would be on par with the new M1 Pro chip. It has also been mentioned that the headset will have two 4K OLED microdisplays, 3D sensors for hand tracking, and other features.

Aside from the headset, Apple is also working on AR glasses but chances are they might not come as early as expected.