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Apple iPhone Crash Detection Auto-Calling 911 on Roller Coasters

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Isn’t that exciting for iPhone users to save themselves from accidents? .But wait, it may cause trouble for you too. iPhone’s new crash detection feature enables users to connect to emergency numbers when they experience any incident. Reports confirmed that many incidents occurred where an iPhone 14 contacted emergency services 911 during a roller coaster ride. Triggering the message ” The owner of this iPhone is in a severe car crash and not responding to their phone.”

The new iPhone 14 and the latest Apple watches have a new crash detection feature. The feature detects the vibration and signs of even a simple car accident. It automatically calls 911 if the owner doesn’t cancel the call. According to the Wall Street Journal report, since the new model went on sale in September, the Warren County 911 communications center in Ohio has received at least six crash-detection calls from passengers.

Surprisingly, all of the calls were generated automatically from Kings Island. A theme park near Cincinnati features the 300-foot-diameter Orion at 91 mph (90 meters).

On Twitter, we have an example of a call that sounds like people having fun on a roller coaster.

Another Case Reported

An emergency center received a message from an iPhone 14 Pro from Kings Island Amusement Park outside Cincinnati. A dentist, Sara White, was carrying a phone while riding the Mystic Timbers roller coaster. As a result, the Warren County Communications Center sent a team to Kings Island. There was no emergency, and they were wasting the time of emergency services by sending notifications.

Kings Island Amusement Park has observed six cases up till now. Another case was reported when the emergency center received another call from an unidentified number while riding the Joker Coaster at Six Flags. Unusual and other sudden movements can also trigger Crash Detection, for example, dropping your iPhone while driving.

In the US state of Nebraska, a car hit a tree, and an iPhone called the police even though there was no witness. To avoid false alarms, the phone will show a warning on the screen and start a 20-second countdown while an alarm sound plays. But it might not be heard in a noisy amusement park while on a ride that rocks.

Apple told the reporters that we designed the feature by keeping our user’s safety in mind. However, it has some glitches, which we will improve soon. While on rides, iPhone users can keep their iPhones in airplane mode or turn off the crash detection feature. (Settings -> Emergency SOS -> Call After Severe Crash toggle). But don’t forget to turn it back on afterward.

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