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You Can Now Use Cartoon Avatars on Zoom

by Arif
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The innovation does not stop here, zoom will be bringing a vast options of facial features, hairstyles and customization in the future as well, as the beta progresses

Zoom just launched a new cartoon avatar update, allowing users to display themselves as cartoon characters for video meetings. The feature is quite interesting for users and even includes movements and facial expressions, just like Apple’s Memoji and humanoid cartoons. The main aim behind this avatar drive is to bring zaniness within less formal meetings.

Animal avatars on zoom were released earlier this year and now human avatars are also a part of the app. It’s suggested that this efficiency feature can be used at times when one doesn’t feel like showing themselves and using a static profile, for example while eating etc.
It is even available for beta testers. However, a paid account is necessary. The innovation does not stop here, zoom will be bringing a vast options of facial features, hairstyles and customization in future as well, as the beta progresses.

Templates are also launched by zoom, as an alternative of various meeting types. Three out-of-the-box templates will be given and according to people’s choice they can either choose from amongst them or create one of their choice.

These three out-of-the-box templates include; large meetings (automated captions and automatically recorded content), the second one is for seminars (tighter crowd control settings with screen sharing disabled) and last but not the least K-12 (enabled polls and quizzes while limiting distracting features).

Threaded messages and reactions for the ongoing meetings will also be made available in the upcoming month. An alike representation of this is visible in Slack, Facebook messenger or iMessages.

Q/A options will also be present for its members, which will make the meeting more organised by the host, confining questions to one area of the app. They can decide to make all questions visible for members or either make the answered ones visible. A premium plan will be required by the host to use this feature.

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