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Ways To keep Your iPhone’s Battery 100% For Two Years

by Arif
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Apple’s iPhone is a powerful device. You might not think that you would need someone to explain how to charge your iPhone. But one TikTok user makes a strong case for following his example.

Viral TikTok video proves that we all are charging our iPhones wrong. iPhone users may have different tings to do at night, but they all have one thing in common. Mostly iPhone users charge their phone at night. Mostly users have chargers for iPhones on a nightstand. No matter, whether its a Lightning cable, Magsafe stand or a wireless charging mat. through this way they can wake up with a fully charged iPhone.

But according to a TikTok user Shomes (Shoandtech) the way in not the best to charge an iPhone. The user has shown iPhone 13 Pro that he is using since September 2021. He showed the maximum battery capacity. He also showed iPhone 12 Pro that also has a 100% battery.

If we talk about Apple’s optimized battery charging which guides you how to charge your iPhone everyday to make it last longer. In general, in  a year iPhone’s loses its battery about 10% of its maximum capacity in a year. Apple says, that an iPhone’s battery is designed  to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles. However, regular overnight charging speeds up the process by which the battery loses its original capacity.

In a TikTok video Shomes recommends that the person should charge the iPhone when it needs it. If it has 40 or 50% charge remaining when you go to sleep, leave it. Then then next day when it goes red you can charge it again. So, the battery wont be overcharged and its health will last longer then when its charged overnight.

Of course, this approach will not work for everyone.Not everyone has access to a charger during the day and this approach will leave some people without charging when they need it the most. But if its practical for you, then why not to take  a try?

Apple current device have a strong charging system so if you need to charge your iPhone overnight. It will automatically learn your schedule to charge 80% at first. There are some other steps which you can follow for better battery charge.

Low power mode stops all apps from refreshing in the background. Go to Setting->General and then click on Background App Refresh. You can also choose to only use background app refresh on Wi-Fi instead of both Wi-Fi and Cellular or turn the feature off completely. But people may find it best to leave Wi-fi and select apps for background refresh app.Turning off Background App refresh stops apps from updating when you are not using them.

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