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Video Of Swati And His Wife Was Made Using “Deepfake” Technology

by Arif
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Azam Swati revealed that somebody sent his wife a private video featuring both of them. However, only some hours after that, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) claimed that the video was “fake” on Saturday after doing a forensic analysis.

A report suggests that the FIA deeply analyzed the private video frame-by-frame circulating on the internet. Hence, they are sure that the makers used “deepfake” technology while making this objectionable video.

Furthermore, FIA claims to perform international standard forensics. They have a proof that the makers edited the video. Whereas, the editor also used several videos to misrepresent the faces. Nevertheless, if Swati wants further investigation regarding this matter, he needs to make a formal request so that we can address all his concerns.

Moreover, the purpose of this releasing fake video on the internet was only to defame the PTI Senator. Therefore, Swati’s wife reveals that some “unknown number” sent her the video, and she burst into tears while telling her story.

Besides, while addressing the media, the PTI senator revealed that his wife called him on Friday night. She was continuously crying and shouting. Thus, he asked his daughter to ask her mother the reason for crying and shouting.

Furthermore, when his daughter repeatedly asked her mother what’s the matter?. She told her that somebody had sent her a private video of him from an “unknown number.” However, Swati refused to comment further on it. Keeping in mind that the daughters and granddaughters of the country also watch the news.

The senior PTI leader further said that his daughter told him that both he and his wife were in the video. So, Swati told the media that he had to tell his daughter that her mother doesn’t understand. He sleeps early at 9 PM to wake up early to offer prayers.

Additionally, the PTI senator said his daughter was continuously crying on the phone. Claiming that this video wasn’t of anybody else but of you and my mother, so he told her that wasn’t possible.

Though Swati has spent his entire life with his wife, she isn’t aware of a few things. According to the PTI senator, some cruel people kidnapped him a few days ago. On the morning of October 13. Those people made a video of him; nowadays, making a fake video isn’t difficult.

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