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Together For Nature – How The Pakistani Start-ups are Tackling Environmental Deficit

by Arif
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Pakistan has seen a significant boost in the entrepreneurial landscape in recent times. This progressive push for innovation is fuelled by the fresh generation of entrepreneurs, aiming to leverage modern day skills and digital advances for a sustainable start-up business climate.

One of the most encouraging outcomes of this recent flourishment of start-ups is that more innovators are now making efforts to resolve the environmental deficit by leveraging technology. This surge in eco-friendly start-up ideas is deemed to help Pakistan progress in the future while mitigating the environmental shortfall.

Shell Pakistan’s initiative ‘Shell Tameer Awards’ is always on the lookout for such talents and helps in aiding their progress. Some of the brightest ideas in Shell Tameer Awards 2022 have been related to rectifying, eradicating, and countering the agents that are harmful to the environment and utilizing them to produce useful resources.

Syed Wamiq Ali’s ‘Bio-Being’ is an innovative idea of converting cooking oil waste into environment-friendly biofuels.

Muhammad Farooq’s ‘Biodegradable Cutlery’ is a bright idea aimed at revolutionizing the food industry by producing biodegradable cutlery to improve hygiene and reduce plastic waste.

Abuzar Shoaib Siddiqui’s ‘Enviro Solutions’ is an eco-friendly idea converting plastic waste into road building material.

Dabeer Hemani’s ‘Concept Loop’ is a tech-based start-up, converting plastic waste into building materials and high value lifestyle products through their sustainable data-driven and tech-empowered processes.

Ayan Raza’s ‘EFG Construction’ is a young start-up converting plastic into construction materials to provide affordable, green housing to communities while reducing the dead weight of building structures.

Syed Salman Tariq’s ‘Davaam Life’ is a technology-driven start-up, providing smart dispensing stations that cut down single-use plastic at source while providing solutions for waste collection, materials recovery facilities and end-use recycling.

Abrahim Shah’s ‘Mobility’ is a social enterprise using plastic waste to manufacture bionic prosthetics and assistive devices to mobilize people with limb loss and disabilities.

Muhammad Hassamuddin’s innovative idea ‘GeoAirCon’ is a brilliant step towards sustainability. His innovative business utilizes the temperature underground for low-cost and environment-efficient air-conditioning.

Muhammad Mohsin Kareem put forward his innovation called ‘Pak BioEnergy’. He is a clean energy innovator using biomass fuel as an environment-friendly alternative to conventional heating energy solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.

The future of innovation in this country looks promising if the pace continues like this.

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