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Thanks To The Technical Issue: Haval H6 Forces Man To Travel 500 KM

by Arif
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Luckily for everyone, the driver was able to keep  the car under control without harming anyone and himself

Haval H6 is a compact crossover SUV launched by Chines company Great Wall Motors. It was first came in the market in 2011 presented in Shanghai Auto Show.

The Haval H6 is produced with both with front wheel drive and four wheel drive. Recently, Haval H6 became a hot topic among the community in Pakistan after the launch of its hybrid variant. If we talk about the recent development, it is the part of the headlines once again, albeit in a negative sense.

According to latest report from China, claims a second generation Haval H6 forcibly drove its owner on a long drive due to the cruise control failure.

According to the details, the crossover continued to cruise at 100km/h. As the driver was unable to deactivate the cruise control. Moreover ,the report also stated that the car ran out of fuel after traveling nearly 500 kilometers and came to a stop

Moreover, the driver named Mr, Lou was traveling through the city of ZhuZhou, when his car’s cruise became stuck. Lou asserted that he tried to deactivate the feature by applying the brakes, but was ineffective.

According to the Lou, he continued to drive for an additional 500 km until the SUV ran out of fuel. Though, the driver warned the authorities that a potential emergency existed after realising how serious the situation was.

However, the issue was very serious and was brought to the attention of Haval engineers. According to him, the situation was beyond their control. Luckily, the person who was driving the car met the stop without harming himself or anyone else.

Although, aware of the issue, the automakers are not commenting on it and even doesn’t know the reason behind the failure. Moreover, it was the first time that Haval has met such an accident and car failure. It was a cruise control malfunction.

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