Sindh Police Is Creating An App To Trace Snatched Mobile

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Inspector General of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon has said that efforts are underway to introduce an app to trace snatched and stolen mobile phones. He said the police were working on the project in collaboration with mobile market associations.

He was speaking at a conference about reforms in policing through technology organized by the Association of Former Inspectors General of Police (AFIGP) at the Garden Police Headquarters on Sunday. The IGP said that the Sindh police had recently introduced a ‘point me app’ for improving the attendance of policemen. He said that the process of obtaining a driving license had also been improved through an app.

Moreover, with the recent launching of Talash app devices, it had become easy to identify criminals and law-abiding citizens. Former IG Sindh Syed Kaleem Imam opined that modern technology had become imperative for policing.

The IG Sindh said that Sindh Police was in process of taking measures such as making the investigation procedure completely separate and providing modern and quality training to the officers and employees associated with the investigation department. He said that a committee has also been constituted to make formal recommendations in this regard.

He said that Sindh Police was increasing its capacity to ensure the prevention of crimes with the help of technology so that the criminal elements, whether they are terrorists, street criminals, car lifters, or fugitives from the courts, are not able to escape from the police.

He expressed these remarks during the launching ceremony of the “Talash” mobile phone app at the Central Office in Karachi. Addressing the ceremony, Memon said that the app can be used as an effective weapon against criminal elements. He said that in the first phase the app is being introduced in Karachi and soon its scope will be extended to other districts of Sindh as well. He said that the purpose of creating the software is to facilitate the investigation and increase the difficulties of the criminal elements and lower their morale.