Scared to Buy a Samsung Watch For its Battery Health? Well, the Company Just Improved it in The Watch 5 Series

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The Galaxy Watch 4 received quite the criticism for its poor battery, the company surely took the criticism positively, giving improved batteries to the Watch 5

After months of anticipation, waiting and rumors, Samsung has finally announced the 5th series of the Galaxy Watch. Coming in two variants the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, these watches are priced at $279.99 and $449.99 respectively. Announcing the watch at Samsung’s unpacked event, a number of great and improved features were discussed, however the most noticeable of them all was the increased battery capacity, health and size.

When the Galaxy Watch 4 came in last year, it was loved by Samsung buyers all over the world, however, one common complaint amongst them all was that of poor battery conditions and drainage. This was something Samsung took to heart and the company surely worked towards improving it in the newer version, giving the Galaxy Watch 5 bigger batteries, faster charging, and increased durability to boot.

Announcing the Galaxy Watch 5 surely excites a lot of users since this comes almost after a year after their previous watches. The release has also shaken things up for the company’s smartwatch lineup since the Watch 4 featured a normal and a classic version, whereas the watch 5 has normal and pro versions; making this the first time for Samsung to introduce pro versions in smartwatches.

The pro version of the watch 5 is almost two folds the price of the entry-level version, but it offers features that justify its prices. The Watch 5 pro comes with advanced features such as a bigger battery and a premium titanium body making it a better option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Both the Watch 5 and its pro version have a digital and modern look, thus if you are someone that prefers their watches to be more towards the classic side, then Galaxy Watch 4 classic is still your way to go.

Comparing batteries, the Watch 5 has a 13% larger battery than that of the Watch 4. The 40mm Watch 5 has a 284mAh battery whereas the 44mm Watch 5 has a 410mAh battery making them run up to 40 hours on a single charge. Watch 5 pros on the other hand feature a 590mAh battery, which can run a whopping 80 hours on a full charge.

Bigger batteries aren’t the only improvement here, the 5 series is claimed to be much faster in charging time. The company claims that the battery can go from 0 to 45 percent in just 30 minutes. Now that’s what you call an improvement!