Pakistani women enters the list of of Canada’s top 25 Women in Artificial Intelligence

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Maria holds an extensive experience of 14 years in artificial intelligence and has worked with many international such as VEON, Trulioo and Oliver Solutions

Maria Abrar a Pakistani Women has been ranked number 10 in the list of Canada’s top 25 Women in Artificial Intelligence. This list is created by ReWork, an Artificial Intelligence (Al) and deep learning content producer based out of London, United Kingdom.

The list contained names of Canada’s top 25 Women in artificial intelligence. Maria, a Pakistani data scientist who has had a long and successful career found herself at the 10th position.

Maria Abrar by profession is a data scientist, she currently works at Meta Reality Labs in Toronto as a Senior data scientist after joining the company in 2021.

Maria holds an extensive experience of 14 years in her current field and has worked with companies such as VEON, Trulioo and Oliver Solutions. Apart from working with Canadian companies, Maria has also worked with cellular service providers Telenor and Jazz.

Over the course of her career, Maria prepared and trained a number of data scientist through her knowledge in artificial intelligence. She has also offered her services to a long list of countries which includes: Pakistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, Italy and Canada.

Maria, apart from all this, also holds boundless experience working with Marketers, Product Managers and Relevant Professionals. Maria’s aims are as high as her actions, she has already formed future roadmaps and business strategies, that will lead her to more success.

In addition to this she has also formed a wide range of expertise in developing social network maps, developing product recommendation engines, estimating customer usage pattern, revenue and in-depth behavioral segmentation.

Maria Abrar’s 10th ranking in Canada’s top 25 women in Artificial Intelligence is an extremely proud moment for Pakistan. Maria’s story is a great source of motivation for the future generations trying to make it big into artificial intelligence.