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Nearly 50 Texas Students Will Retake SATs Since Answer Sheets “Flew Out Of UPS Truck”

by Arif
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Students appearing for exams sometimes have to go through a lot. Such as having a mental breakdown due to stress about their future. But I bet you haven’t heard of answer sheets of students flying out of carrier trucks.

This incident has happened, and it’s not a joke or lie. More than fifty students at a high school in the United States may have to retake the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). At the same time, the reason is that their exam papers flew out of a United Parcel Service truck.

The motive was to transport the papers of the students for checking. According to a statement released by El Paso High School to The Washington Post on Saturday, the students submitted their SATs on October 27. So those SATs were lost in transit while handing them over to UPS

Liza Rodriguez, El Paso Independent School District spokeswoman, said in her statement that they had found all fifty-five answer sheets. Additionally, Liza Rodriguez claims that the district is collaborating with the College Board. To think of a method for the affected students.

On the other hand, Freddy Chavez, a El Paso High School senior, told The New York Times about what he saw. According to Freddy Chavez, he was driving on Mesa Street on his way home from the gym.  All of a sudden boom, he saw some of the papers everywhere.

Though at the moment, Freddy didn’t know that they were SATs, when he heard the rumors that they were SATs, he figured out that those papers he saw were SATs.

The New York Times quotes that on Wednesday, a meeting took place while the last period was going on. Moreover, while attending that meeting, the school informed the students that they would not get a score for the SATs exams they submitted on October 27. However, the reason is that their exam papers fell out of the UPS truck that was transporting them.

So, the students will have to retake the difficult test because, at the moment, they don’t have any results to submit while applying for college applications. Meanwhile, United Parcel Service has admitted it was its fault and is currently investigating it.

Besides, UPS also released a statement apologizing to the school and extending their apologies to the students. Nevertheless, you cannot judge UPS protocols and methods just by the actions of one driver. The only motive of our company is to fulfill our service commitments safely and reliably.

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