Meta Invests in Singaporean Startup That Helps Merchants Sell via WhatsApp

Social Giant Meta acquired WhatsApp in 2014, at the time the application was merely used for messaging and voice calls between friends and colleagues. Now with time, the app has grown into a massive communication tool for businesses and their customers, small sellers especially those based out of Asia have been conducting business on the platform in massive amounts. The reason for using a communication platform instead of proper web-based channels lies in the fact that WhatsApp is both usable and accessible for the smallest of sellers since it requires no investment and is easy to use.

Creators of ‘Take App’ realized this problem and saw the massive marketplace activity taking place on WhatsApp, therefore they went forward and built a platform that lets small sellers create an online store with everything such as a product library and shopping cart, however, once the order is completed, the seller is redirected to WhatsApp for managing and tracking the final order.

Unlocking and tapping into a grand marketplace, the Startup surely has solved a great problem, realizing this, Meta stepped forward and invested in Take App. An interesting fact about the startup is that it was built by a former Facebook engineering manager ‘Youmin Kim’, who left his job just last year after he realized the large market gap and started working on Take App.

There is still a large market of WhatsApp sellers that Take App has got to cover, but with its amazing idea, perfect timing and the correct market Take App will surely be a success and will hopefully improve commerce throughout the Asian region.

Restaurants are a priority for Take App and the application seems to have a whole lot of them, however, the app is also working with service-based businesses such as bakeries, grocery businesses and beauty salons.

“Our unique selling point is that we let merchants keep direct WhatsApp conversations with customers. Merchants love the idea that they receive notifications and order details directly in WhatsApp, no other app or login is required” said the founder Kim while talking about his Startup.



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