Liz Truss Qualifies For A Taxpayer-Funded Allowance Of $129 K A Year For Life

Liz Truss stayed in office for a short time, but she still qualifies for a taxpayer-funded allowance of 115,000 pounds ($129,000) a year until her last breath. At the same time, Ms. Truss qualified for the allowance, which we call the Public Duty Costs Allowance, on Thursday.

According to the government’s website, the Public Duty Costs Allowance is a government reimbursement plan for staff and salary costs former prime ministers incur. However, the costs result from their particular position in public life.

Meanwhile, this news is making waves, and Ms. Liz Truss’s political opponents are bashing her, pushing her to refuse the payment. Notably after seeing that Ms. Truss didn’t play her part in improving Britain’s political system and handling economic turmoil.

Besides, Christine Jardine, who is the spokeswoman for the Cabinet Office of the Liberal Democrat, gave a statement. She said there was no way that Ms. Truss would get the same £115,000 as her predecessors who stayed in office for more than two years.

Moreover, Ms. Jardine referred to Truss’s legacy as an economic disaster, and conservatives are making taxpayers pay its price. Additionally, she said that paying this amount will negatively affect millions of people. Therefore, these millions of people, due to Conservatives’ economic mismanagement, are facing increasing bills and extensive mortgage rates.

This standard payout came into existence in 1991, in the aftermath of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s resignation. Besides, Ms. Truss will be the sixth former British Prime Minister to receive this lifelong payment if she accepts it. Ms. Truss is yet to comment on the matter.

Recently, Britain Cabinet Office published a financial report. According to the financial report, two former British prime ministers, John Major and Tony Blair, are getting £115,000 yearly. Ms. Truss is also eligible for the money to take care of her staff’s pension costs.

However, Ms. Truss’s pension costs will be more than 10 percent of the $129,000 payment. So we can gauge that she will receive an additional $12,900 yearly, considering the current exchange rate.

Although, there are rules that provide support to the allowance. The Cabinet Office published a guide that contains that they don’t plan to pay for the former prime minister’s private life. As a result, prime ministers can’t ask for money in advance while still in office.

Nevertheless, Ms. Truce will still qualify for this allowance, even if the Conservative Party loses in Britain’s upcoming general election. The Cabinet will review her allowance if Ms. Truss accepts any other public appointment.



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