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Linkedin Faces Massive Outage, Thousands of Individual and Company Profiles Disappeared

by Arif
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Reports suggest that more than 9000 reports of Linkedin issues were submitted, Linkedin support team responded and called it a glitch

At around 8:40 IST today users detected a number of different problems in Linkedin, some reported that their search bar is not working while others told that they cannot load pages. Responding to a number of different complaint tweets, Linkedin Support team said that the application is going through some glitches which are currently being worked on.

Owned and run by Microsoft, the world’s biggest professional networking site received a total of 8,700 issue reports from people accessing the site. Linked however was quick to act and the problem started to resolve quite quickly, in just about 35 minutes issue reports went down to 577.

Being so irreplaceably important for working professionals, a few hours of outage caused panic amongst thousands. People who were not able to view their profile made some panic tweets saying that they cannot afford to lose their Linked in connections since they have performed years of networking on the platform.

President of Linkedin’s MSP named US-itek, David Stinner while speaking about the Linkedin outage said that the response from people goes to show the importance of Linkedin in a person’s professional life and just how unforgiving users are when an outage shows up.

“LinkedIn is used everyday by human resources and for sales and marketing, it’s pretty important in today’s world to operate and use a LinkedIn account,” he said. “That said, I think it is unrealistic for people to think that every system needs to be available instantaneously 100 percent of the time”.

Stinner added to his statement explaining how we cannot always expect machines and systems to work perfectly and there can always be an unforeseen situation here and there.

“I can’t be upset about that,” he said. “My point is that we have unrealistic expectations for these cloud systems,” he said. “People are so inpatient. They want instant access to everything and instant gratification. Think of how far we have come and how the cloud got us through the pandemic and allowed us all to work from home. So maybe LinkedIn is down an hour or two over the course of a year. We all have to learn to be more forgiving”

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