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Islamabad Police Has Decided To Use “Non-Lethal Drones” To Scatter Protestors

by Arif
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Law and order situation is becoming worst day by day in the capital of Pakistan. Therefore, the government is striving to take all possible actions to control the law and order, and peace in the city. Different government figures and intelligence agencies are making various action plans to control the situation and make it a better peaceful place to live. Islamabad Capital Police is trying its best to establish law and order in the capital of Pakistan. So to maintain law and order in the federal capital, the police of the capital city have decided to use “non-lethal drones” to scatter rioters.

According to a statement released by Islamabad Police on Saturday.

“We have made significant progress to maintain peace, and Islamabad police has thought of benefitting from advancing technology capabilities to control rioters from creating havoc in the federal capital”.

So in the coming future, Islamabad police plan to use “non-lethal drones” which are supposed to be a new technology to limit and regulate public gatherings and scatter the protestors in the federal capital.

On the other hand, the Islamabad Safe City Project has claimed that they are extending its network. So they can cover the whole city. Moreover, during the last 30 days, Islamabad police bas added almost 389 cameras to improve the experience of online monitoring.

Besides, in May earlier this year, the PML-N coalition government had failed to handle PTI activists and supporters. These PTI activists and supporters who had organized the “ Haqeeqi Azaadi March” were able to cross all barriers and reach near D-Chowk. Furthermore, these PTI activists and supporters set some trees and public property on fire in the Blue Area of the federal capital.

Additionally, all significant government buildings like the Parliament, Supreme Court Prime Minister House and Office, key ministries and offices, lawn-makers residences, offices of national broadcasters, and various other significant buildings are situated near D-Chowk.

Therefore, the representatives of the PTI made sure to the Supreme Court that they did not aim to damage any public property during the rally. But the scenes at Blue Area are proof that PTI activists and supporters will not abide by their statement. While on the 25th of May this year, PTI activists and supporters set trees, greenbelt areas, and public property on fire.

So, there is a threat that PTI activists and supporters who reached near D-Chowk, can possibly enter government buildings too and harm people or destroy buildings of government. Anything can happen that is for the sake of safety, it is vital to use “non-lethal drones” to scatter rioters like this in the future.

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