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Infinix FreePods 2-XE27 Review; Price Rs.4,300; Cheapest Alternative For Apple AirPods 2

by Arif
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Recently, Apple launched its Apple Airpods Pro 2 and as always they claimed that it is the best audio device you can ever see, and depending on that claim the price of the Apple Airpods Pro 2 was $250(Rs.59,000), just like all the previous AirPods. Inifinix decided to take on the challenge from Apple and produced a product that costs, 10 times less and gives similar features as the great Apple.

Infinix just launched its new Infinix FreePods XE-27 and in my opinion, it is the best launch of the year regarding audio devices.


Infinix only demands Rs. 6000 for the new Infinix FreePods 2 and the product is exclusively launched by Saamaan.pk and they are giving the launching discount and it’s the new price is only Rs4,300 and you can order the product right now by going to the site.

Active Noise Cancelation

Active Noise Cancellation is the most exciting and celebrated feature of Infinix FreePods 2 as it gives the most premium quality noise cancelation and has a 4-microphone set-up to cancel all the noises around you so you can listen to your music to its best. Another feature called Environmental Noise Cancelation is installed in the FreePods 2 that clears your voice when you are on the phone so that the person you are calling can easily listen to your voice.

Battery and Fast-Charging

The actual battery mAH is not revealed by Infinix but it claims that it can give a 28-hours battery backup and a 60-minutes playback with 10-minutes of charge. Even if the product is not able to 100% meet the claims still it can give a good battery time. Infinix also claims that the Infinix FreePods 2 can last for 4 hours and 30 minutes of constant playing music.

Sound Quality

Infinix did not only focus on their Unique Selling Point which is ANC in this case but also worked for making their product better overall. Infinix FreePods 2 have 10mm dynamic audio and gives excellent sound and music quality. It gives that deep bass effect and the defined low notes that are often missing in the cheaper audio devices.


The overall design resonates with the Airpod Pro 2 and has a sleek and attractive look. The Infinix Freepod 2 is available in two colors, Blue and White and I personally like the blue one better. There are no buttons anywhere on the case which adds a plus point to its look.

Control Options

All that cool stuff that Apple glamourously sold in the Airpods Pro 2, you get all that in the Infinix FreePod 2 as well. You can increase the volume by clicking on the right earpiece and decrease the volume by clicking on the left earpiece which is even easier to use than Apple’s slider. You can accept or decline calls and change the modes without having to remove your mobile from your pocket. If you press on the left earpiece, the noise cancelation stops and you can talk to someone and when you release the volume goes back to normal so you can avoid the hasale of pausing and playing the track.

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