Indian Company Plans to Send Tourist Capsules into Space by 2025

Based in Mumbai, Aerospace Technology has already started production of a space capsule that can carry six people

In a recent science exhibition named ‘Akash Thatva’ an Indian company named ‘Aerospace Technology’ presented its prototype space capsule named SKAP 1 and it turned out to be quite impressive not just for scientists but even for normal people.

One of the Indian firms has a goal of ferrying tourists in a spaceship attached with a one million high altitude balloon system. The firm see’s this plan being achieved in 2025.

Inspired by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, this Mumbai based Aura Aerospace Technology Pvt Ltd company is in between preparing a Unique space capsule. The under production space capsule has a measurement of 10 feet x 8 feet, it has a tendency to carry six tourists and 1 pilot. The capsule however, will remain within a 35 km radius above the Earth.

SKAP 1, the new prototype space capsule was presented at Akash Thatva science exhibition from where it got everyone’s attention.

Space Aura founder and CEO Akash Porwal told PTI that the firm has a target of 2025 to start the process of taking flights, tourists will be sent near space by balloon propelled capsule.

There are 2 places in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, which were identified as a point from where space can be launched. But however, the final selected points will be taken in this regard, he said. Porwal says that the company is busy in trying to achieve its goals with the help of scientists from ISRO and TIFR.

Containing all modern day facilities, medication facilities and information system, this space capsule is going to be propelled by a balloon. This balloon is going to be filled with Helium or Hydrogen gas, it’s going to remain approximately 30 to 35 kilometers above the sea level. Here our tourist will be able to witness Earth’s curvature and blackness of space for around 1 hour, he said.

Coming over to the process of landing, this space balloon will be slowly deflated along with which a parachute will be unpacked for safer landing.

“The objective is to attract space tourists to India by presenting to them a mix of space tourism and Indian culture,” says Porwal. “In comparison to SpaceX and Blue Origin, our company will help space tourists go to space at a much lower cost,” He added.

In consideration to this, the fare for a spaceship flight has not been officially decided yet, but it’s likely to be around INR 50 lakh.



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