In UAE, Pakistani Mechanic Wins 10 Million AED

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Saad lives in a shared AdditAother milestone is achieved by a Pakistani. In Abu Dhabi, a machine mechanic has won a prize of 10 million AED. He became Mahzooz’s 29th multimillionaire. Saad has been a resident of UAE for the past nine years and is the second person from Pakistan who earned the title of Mahzooz’s multimillionaire.

Previously, Junaid was the first person who won the title and the top prize of AED 50 million, was also from Pakistan. He was the first person from Pakistan to receive such an honor. Since then, Mahzooz has made 29 multimillionaires and distributed about AED 300 million in prize money.

We are pleased that another deserving candidate is from Pakistan. We hope that Mehzooz can give all those who have big aspirations the wonderful life they deserve”. The CEO of EWINGS (operator of Mahzooz) Farid Samji stated during the press conference held in this regard.

Undeniably, the third-largest segment of our clientele is people from Pakistan. Twelve of them won the raffle draw for AED 100,000 each, while almost 190 were among the second prize winners of AED 1 million. Currently, 32-year-old Saad lives in shared accommodation provided by his employer, and is a constant participant in Mahzooz.

Saad constantly purchased water bottles weekly, and his life seems to have changed a lot since he matched five out of five winning numbers. Saad said, he chose the winning numbers 5, 14, 18,24, and 35. He also added then he asked his wife to select another set of five digits. As part of a new limited-time offer from Mahzooz, people who buy one bottle of water for AED 35 will get an extra free entry into the weekly drawing.

Saad’s set of numbers made him a millionaire, according to Saad’s wife. Indeed it’s a blessing for Saad to receive 10 million AED in the form of free financial support for Saad. Saad who earns just 2,000 AED monthly, working as a machine mechanic operator at an aluminum factory.

Saad revealed his plans to spend the money by donating a certain amount to Pakistani flood victims. Moreover, he said he would like to call his family in UAE and would love to start his own business with his friends.

At the 96th weekly live Mahzooz draw, 110 winners split the second prize of AED 1 million. Whereas, 4,102 won the third prize of AED 350 each. Additionally, three people took AED 300,0o0 in the raffle draw which features three winners every week. The 96th draw gave away a total of AED 12,735,700 in prizes.