Here’s How Being An Elon Musk Fan Made This Guy a Billionaire

We see Elon Musk fans all over the internet, be it those fan pages on Twitter or Instagram pages that track the billionaire’s jet movements. Seeing any of them would make it clear that the Tesla CEO has a massive fan following that’s crazy after him, but there isn’t anyone Elon fanboy crazier than Leo Koguan, a businessman who sold all of his stock market holdings to invest in Tesla stocks during the pandemic, stock prices rose overtime thus making him a billionaire in just a few months.

What Koguan did wasn’t something any ordinary fanboy would do, in March 2020, when the stock market started tumbling because of the COVID19 virus, Koguan sold all of his stock holdings in companies such as (Baidu, Nvidia, China Mobile and Nio) and went onto investing it all in Tesla and became the third largest stakeholder in Tesla.

Now, this was risky since it’s never recommended for an investor to put all his eggs in one basket, however Koguan had a certian belief in both Elon and Tesla.

Koguan’s belief paid off, Tesla stocks from March 2020 up until now have recorded a 1,440%, this made Koguan a billionaire in just two years and gave him a net worth of around $7.1 Billion. Owning 6.3 million of Tesla shares and 1.8 million in-the-money Tesla call options, Koguan doesn’t seem to stop since the billionaire has continued his Tesla investing spree and now 100% of his stock portfolio consists of Tesla stocks.

Currently living in America, Koguan was born in Indonesia and came to study Law at the New York Law School. It was in America that he met his wife Thai Lee, who is a Harvard graduate. Together, the two bought SHI International, a software reseller for around $1 million. After years of hard work, they have now turned it into a global IT provider with over $11 billion in annual revenue. Koguan’s wife Lee continues to serve as the CEO of SHI international, whereas Koguan serves as the chairman of the organization.

Speaking on his investments in Tesla shares, Koguan said that “It’s for the long term — you never bet short term on Tesla, and I believe in green technology.”



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