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Google to Award 15,000 Annual Scholarships to Pakistani Youth

by Arif
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Google Inc. has made a scholarship program available to 15,000 talented young people from Pakistan to revamp that country’s IT industry, which has a lot of potentials.

According to Senator Dr. Afnanullah Khan, a Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology member, “The American tech giant wants to spend $3.5 million in Pakistan.”

In a similar spirit, he stated that selling 5G licenses will bring in billions of dollars in foreign exchange and that the private sector would also see significant venture capital investment. The senator stated that with careful preparation, Pakistan’s information technology (IT) exports might easily reach $10 billion over the next five years.

In addition, he stated that the South Korean government had granted Pakistan’s information technology industry a loan of one billion dollars at an interest rate of 0.1 percent.

“There are many different facets of information technology that Pakistan may concentrate on in order to emerge as an information technology giant in the region very soon.”

The senator said he was working toward revolutionizing the country’s information technology industry in collaboration with the government and on his own initiative. “I have a higher education in the field of information technology and I want to use it for the good of the country,” you say. “I want to utilize it for the benefit of the country.”

Senator Khan has successfully finished information technology projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars and possesses a doctorate in information technology from Oxford University. He stated that the leadership of the PML-N was aware of the struggles that Pakistanis were going through and that they desired for the country to grow more in the IT industry because, in contrast to investments in other industries, investments in the IT sector paid off exceptionally rapidly. He claimed that the leadership of the PML-N was aware of the struggles that Pakistanis were going through.

He asserted that one significant endeavor now underway entailed sending members of the information technology workforce to countries such as Japan. Consequently, he said that “every effort would be made to strengthen the government’s attention on this issue in order to remove the impediments to international investment.”

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