Employee Gets Increased Workload After Refusing to Give Boss a Home Tour on a Zoom Meeting

Did someone say toxic work culture?

We have all struggled to find our way into good jobs and have experienced many toxic bosses on our way, but TikTok user aliatyler revealed a story that beat all other toxic work culture stories.

Alia in her TikTok video revealed that her boss asked her for a home tour during a Zoom meeting. Worried about her privacy, Alia refused to do so, but soon as she did that Alia received a ton of workload from her boss and was also kept out of all important office meetings.

After bearing the toxic behavior for a long while, Alia finally helped herself out of the situation by quitting the job for good.

“When everyone likes to claim they have a toxic job. But when you turned down your boss’ request for a Zoom tour of your house, she stopped inviting you to important meetings and gave you 2 large projects that needed to be completed in less than a week” wrote Alia in her TikTok video.

Going into more details, Alia said that the problem started when she was supposed to have a weekly zoom call with her boss but the wifi went down. Knowing the situation, Alia sent out a text stating that she will be a little late and joined the meeting a few minutes after assigned time.

Finally in the meeting with her boss, Alia said that the wifi caused a lot of problems and all her smart appliances were disconnected. Interested to know more about the smart appliances, the boss told Alia to give her a home tour.

Alia like any normal person replied that “she is not comfortable with that”, the boss however persisted on her demand. Alia after listening to the demands stated that “I’d rather just focus on work right now”.

Angry at the retaliation, the boss ordered Alia to complete two massive projects in just two days and even stopped inviting her to important office meetings.

Do you have any such toxic work culture stories? If yes, then drop them down in the comments below!



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