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Elon Musk Says He’s Working Morning To Night, Seven Days A Week

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The chief executive of Tesla and the owner of Twitter claims that he is overworked. Since when he has taken over the Twitter. On Monday, in a session by B20 in Indonesia , a business conference running alongside the G20 meeting. The meeting took place in Bali, Musk said, “I have too much on my plate”.I am working the absolute most that I can work, morning to night, seven days a week.

Twitter Inc’s recently appointed Chief Twit, beamed into the conference via video link. Elon Musk recently fired 3,700 employees on the social networking platform, bringing his distinctive management style to the platform. Musk believes that the hard work is the key to success, as much as you work, you will get success. Since the takeover, he has reversed many policies, including the elimination of work-from-home.

As an evidence of Musk’s hostility to remote work,Tesla Inc employees  are suppose to “pretend to work elsewhere” if they are willing to do so. He is also famous to sleep at work, or even on the factory floor. The main focus of the conversation at B20 was how much Musk works. Musk’s shadowy backdrop and dim lighting shows the immense work he does all the time. Elon Musk, the billionaire, was dressed in an Indonesian-Batik-print shirt organizers presented him, stated that the power was cut off in his location,which wasn’t disclosed.

Musk overworked

As we all know, currently, Musk running Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter. He is also a founder of The Boring.Co and human to computer-tech firm Nueralink Corp. According to Musk,the world’s richest person said, the amount he tortures himself is next level.

As we all know, Musk is ordering Twitter staff back to the office within a month of taking the keys of the social media platform. Employees of Tesla are familiar with the work policies of their chief. Whereas, Twitter’s staff was unfamiliar with his work policies therefore, all the things are new to them. Due to the fact, he has also eliminated the work from home policy.

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