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Elon Musk Rehires Employees That Argued With Him on Twitter

by Arif
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What appeared to be a heated employee and boss discussion on Twitter, was nothing but a publicity stunt planted by Elon

Twitter CEO Elon Musk just made a tweet about rehiring two ex-Twitter employees named Ligma and Jhonson. According to reports, both of these Twitter employees argued with Elon by replying and criticizing his tweets publicly.

A short time after the heated Twitter arguments ended, both Ligma and Jhonson were handed their letter of termination. Pictures of the employees leaving the Twitter office with boxes in their hands surfaced on social media and made headlines.

After all of this Twitter argument and firing drama, why did Elon go forward and rehired the employees? Well, the irony of the situation is that both of these people were not Twitter employees in the first place and the whole thing was nothing but a publicity stunt set up by Elon Musk himself.

The first made up employee named Rahul Ligma, told Twitter that he has worked at massive companies such as Web 2.0 and FTX, as well as Twitter. The second employee named Daniel Johnson, who indulged in a long banter with Elon just a few days ago, said that he was an engineer that worked at Twitter.

Today, Elon Musk posted a picture with both the made up employees on his Twitter account. He captioned the photo “Welcome back, Ligma and Jhonson”.Responding to the tweet, many that missed the irony behind the situation were found criticizing Elon while others said that the billionaire just took ‘shitposting’ to the next level.

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