China’s J-15 Carrier Jet Is Powered By Domestic Engines

On Wednesday, the media confirmed that a new innovative carrier-based fighter jet J-15 perfectly fits China’s domestically developed engines.

Chinese Aero engine is one of the most powerful and reliable engines. Which works under demanding environments on air raft carriers. The technology reflects that the Chinese engine has become mature and is supposed to surpass its counterparts, according to engine experts.

A report by China Central Television (CCTV) showed the carrier-based fighter jet’s production line at Shenyang aircraft corp. Whereas, J-15 underwent calibration for test flights. Honoring the J-15’s first takeoff and landing on the aircraft carrier Liaoning, nearly 10 years ago.

Hence, calibration done at the end of the process. Once the aircraft would complete a series of checks before and after the test flights. Not only this but also before delivering it to the military, CCTV revealed.

According to Shanghai-based news website, a close-up shot of the J-15 fitted with what was a pair of Taihang engines.

Whereas, the WS-10 Taihang is a series of turbofan engines with high thrust and high thrust-to-weight ratio independently developed by China. Whereas, they are using several of China’s warplanes including the J-10, J-11, J-16, and J-20 fighter jets.

On the other hand, J-15 used to operate Russian A1-31F engines, Fu-Qianshao, a Chinese military aviation expert, reported by Global Times on Wednesday.

As we know carrier operations are very demanding and require engines with high acceleration rates and withstand stronger impact during takeoff and landing.

Additionally, it can face harsher work environments including high humidity and high saline. In contrast, which can cause corrosion and negatively affect the engine’s reliability and life span.

Presently, the decision is to shift the J-15 to use domestically developed engines, as these engines are mature, safe, and reliable. These engines are more reliable than A1-31F. It is likely at the same level or even slightly better than its US counterpart.

Current year, five variants of Taihang engines were the part of the Airshow China 2022. It took place in Zhuhai, South China’s Guangdong Province in early November. As Taihang engines kept receiving improvements and upgrades.

Whereas, its performance, reliability, stealth capability, power extraction, endurance, and thrust vectoring have all received technical boosts.

Additionally, the Domestically developed engine for the J-15 Chines military observers. They are curiously trying to incorporate new information on new carrier-based aircraft including a catapult-launched and upgraded version of the J-15.

Whereas, the next-generation carrier-based stealth fighter jet is J-35. Moreover, a carrier-based early warning aircraft allegedly named the KJ-600 and the carrier-based version of the JL-10 advanced trainer.

Whereas, the country’s third carrier is the Fujian, which is for the very first time have electromagnetic catapults.



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