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Can AI Writing Completely Replace Human Writing in Every Field?

by Arif
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With every passing hour, crucial developments are being made in the Computer Science field and Artificial Intelligence is currently the main focus of technology. As AI keeps growing, our dependence on it for doing our tasks is also increasing, though it has not been fully explored nor do we know to what extent can it reach, one thing is for sure we are nowhere near AI’s extreme.

But an AI writing system proposing a potential solution can be seen as a challenge, where the computer’s ideas would represent a low bar that the writer must improve on, a first step toward crafting an even better solution.

No matter how good a computer-generated line of dialog might be, you will feel that you will always have to be better. She imagined using an AI writing system that would finish a scene for her, and then she’d know there would be something more unexpected and insightful she would have to find.

ChatGPT is a most exciting AI writing tool released  in late November and has quickly turned into a viral sensation, with people tweeting questions and requests like, “Tell a funny joke about the tax risks of international remote work.” They include a screenshot of ChatGPT’s response, which often — but not always — makes sense.

The technology was developed by San Francisco-based OpenAI, a research company led by Sam Altman and backed by Microsoft, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and Khosla Ventures. ChatGPT automatically generates text based on written prompts in a fashion that’s much more advanced and creative than the chatbots of Silicon Valley’s past.

ChatGPT is essentially a variant of OpenAI’s popular GPT-3.5 language-generation software designed to carry conversations with people. Some of its features include answering follow-up questions, challenging incorrect premises, rejecting inappropriate queries, and even admitting its mistakes, according to an OpenAI summary of the language model.

ChatGPT was trained on an enormous amount of text data. It learned to recognize patterns that enable it to produce its own text mimicking various writing styles, said Bern Elliot, a vice president at Gartner. OpenAI doesn’t reveal the precise data used for training ChatGPT, but the company says it generally crawled the web, and used archived books, and Wikipedia.

Six years later, progress has been slow. The majority of chatbots that people interact with are still relatively primitive, only capable of answering rudimentary questions on corporate help desk pages or minimally helping frustrated customers understand why their cable bills are so high.

But with early ChatGPT adopters demonstrating the technology’s ability to carry a conversation through multiple queries in addition to generating software code, the world of so-called natural language processing appears to be entering a new phase.

It’s part of the more significant trend. Tech investors are pouring billions of dollars into startups specializing in generative AI, which refers to the ability of computers to automatically create text, videos, photos, and other media using cutting-edge machine learning technologies.

The former teacher believes that the education system can get into a crisis with powerful AI getting homework and assignments done each day.

“The introduction of new artificial intelligence technologies into schools that enables students to auto-generate essays has the capacity to blow up our entire writing education curriculum,” says Peter Laffin who works as a writing coach and is the founder of Crush the College Essay.

Laffin believes that to step away from this disaster, educators need to devise a completely new teaching strategy, “It may make us have to rethink it from the ground up, and that might ultimately be a good thing,” he said.

Open AI, a leading AI company just last week released a chatbot that has proven to be revolutionary for the. Named the ChatGPT the bot has extremely advanced functionality and can generate analytical questions, draft marketing pitches, write jokes, poems, and even computer code

What’s fascinating about the ChatGPT is the fact that it can also generate essays depending on any grade level you want, thus ensuring that no student gets caught while turning in AI work. With the ChatGPT doing things that were once done by humans, many have started being worried about the jobs it could take.

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