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Best Hidden Twitter Features You May Have Missed in 2022

by Arif
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While you may be familiar with and use Twitter on a regular basis, you may be surprised at how many features you’re not making use of – and if you’re selling a company on social media, you’ll need all the help you can get. Twitter’s adaptability adds to its brilliance; it’s simple, elegant, and easy to use. Twitter, on the other hand, has been introducing some excellent new features behind the basic GUI.

Here are some amazing hidden features that will significantly improvise how you tweet.

*Look for local GIFs*
Web-based media popularises GIFs, which are an excellent way to make followers laugh – and, shockingly, an easier method to get them into the game.

Since Twitter introduced local GIF searches, GIFs may now be located in a flash without leaving the Twitter homepage, to be discovered elsewhere.

They are divided into numerous, popular kinds, or you may use the search option to discover a suitable GIF as quickly as possible. There’s a huge selection of GIFs, and you can easily discover them on Giphy.

Your favorite tweets can be pinned
If you want to draw attention to a certain tweet, you may simply do so by pinning it to the top of your profile.

When someone visits your Twitter page, they will want to read your pinned tweet first, which means you will get contacts and more commitment, such as preferences and snaps.

Use this chance to promote your finest blog posts, your company, your most recent works, etx – essentially, anything you’re currently promoting. Simply click on the “more” option to the right of your Twitter handle to post a tweet:
Then, to save your tweet select ‘pin to your Profile tab’.

Create a Twitter Moment

Creating a Twitter moment might help you stand out and demonstrate your devotion to your Twitter presence.

You may use Twitter Moments in a variety of ways. For example, if you participate in an event, you can gather the best tweets, images and videos from the event. Alternatively, if you need to recognize your top supporters, you may compile a list of the finest articles posted that week – and include them.

To create your own Moment, go to the top of your screen and click on Moments, then Create New Moment.

Make Photo Montages

Photographs are popular on social media, and Twitter is no exception. However, did you know you can include more than an image and organize many images in a tweet?

It is really simple to do so; simply begin tweeting as normal, add a book update if applicable, then begin uploading an image by selecting the “add picture” tab.

When you’ve done the first, select again to add more.

Include Alt Text in Your Images
Alt text is crucial because it allows the visually impaired to use the internet.

Make your tweets accessible to folks who use screen readers by using alt text in your photos. You may do this by either clicking ‘edit’ or ‘add description’ on your submitted image.

Don’t know how to create alt text? You should be as specific as possible when describing what is visible in the photograph. If the picture is of text, write exactly what the text says.

Improve your Engagement
This is one of the most effective engagement hacks available.

Don’t retweet a tweet if you want it to return to the top of everyone’s feed. Instead, respond to the tweet with a follow-up question or another tweet.

Twitter will re-display the top tweet, as well as the two most recent replies to the tweet.

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