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5 Tips to Land a Job in Tech Without Having a Degree

by Arif
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The world is moving at an ever-increasing pace, we are experiencing massive waves of innovation on a daily basis and it’s gotten to a point where things that our ancestors dreamed of are now becoming a reality.

These advancements are a result of the work that the tech industry has given in throughout the last two decades. Generating massive wealth, tech companies also pay their employees quite well thus making tech one of the most rewarding industries.

But how can you enter into the tech world and land a high-paying job despite all the barriers to entry? Well, that is exactly what we will answer today, keep reading to find 5 tips that will help you land your first step into the tech industry.

1. Enroll Yourself

As soon as you have made a decision of wanting to take up a job in the tech sector, it’s time to get started and learn some market-demanded skills. It’s important to select the tech skill you want to learn since each skill opens up different possibilities and opportunities. Here is a list of 10 skills that are in high demand right now

Once you have made up your mind about a certain skill, we recommend you start looking for a boot camp that teaches that particular skill or find free online courses.

2. Stay Curious

Once you have enrolled yourself in learning a certain skill, it’s important to stay curious even while not taking classes or lessons. Being curious here means doing things such as watching YouTube videos about your desired skill, talking to people that are already working in that industry and just constantly questioning related topics.

This mixture of constant questioning and inspection will give you detailed information even on the smallest of topics about your skill thus helping you gain an upper hand over someone that has only followed tutorials and displayed no curiosity.

3. Try to Build

Being in the tech industry, it is important for you to be able to build things out of nothing. When in your practicing stages we suggest you start building small programs and software since this will not only give you practical experience but also make you understand your future workplaces and clients better.

Now, these builds can potentially be something that impresses a future hiring manager thus we recommend you make sure to build things to perfection.

4.  Build a Network

An important part of being a professional is to have a strong network, therefore we recommend you start building a network in the skill that you are learning. This network will not only give you tips and update you about your field of work but can also grab you a whole bunch of opportunities just while starting out.

5. Apply to Relevant Positions

Once you feel like you are able to sign yourself up for a job, it’s time to apply to different job postings. Some great websites to look for jobs include Indeed Jobs, Glassdoor, Linkedin, and SimplyHired, etc.

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