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World’s First Wireless TV Is Ready To Launch In Two Weeks

by Arif
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The most innovative, wildest, and cutting-edge technology is coming to facilitate its viewers. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) traditionally shows off the latest technology of 2023. This time they are bringing the world’s first wireless TV.

An American TV brand announces a wireless OLED TV that is quite portable, weighing only 9kg and consists of the latest technology and features. The technology will work on batteries that can last as long as 30 days on a full charge.

According to the manufacturer, the Tab can easily attach to any surface without mounting. A 55-inch display is comprised of proprietary active loop vacuum technology.

Moreover, the TV will support voice commands, touch controls, and hand gestures. In addition, you can easily combine multiple units to create a large screen.

Hence, the company behind this innovative technology is aptly named Displaced TV, and it is their first product. The TV will be available for consumers in late 2023. However, the pre-orders in the US will start as early as January 5.


In a press release from Displace, the OLED TV has Avery little going on inside it. It asks for the base station, which must be plugged into an outlet and connected to WiFi. Also, plugging it into an outlet defeats the purpose of being “wireless” and portable.

Moreover, the technology will use an AMD CPU and an Nvidia GPU. It will also have WiFi 6E support for streaming.

According to Displace, the hot-swappable battery lasts for 30 days. It also allows approximately 6 hours of viewing each day. Moreover, the company should have said how long it would take for the battery to charge between uses fully.

Alas, CES 2023 is set to kick off on January 4. The wireless OLED TV will debut on January 5.

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