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Urtopia’s Tech-Heavy Bike Is Only As Good As Its Software

by Arif
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Last year Utropia has launched its ebike. The company’s mission was to make feature-rich bike the world has ever seen. The goal was accomplished with a built-in 4G sim Wi-fi ,Bluetooth,GPS, a fingerprint reader, and mmWave sensors for collision detection. The device evaluated was a prototype therefore it was not possible to access some of the more interesting features.

The actual version is almost similar to the pre production version got tested last year. The fingerprint reader on the right is now at the button. Whereas, the D-pad on the left handle has undergone  a small makeover. The dot-matrix display which is now flat and easier to see is the only other noticeable difference. One of the key components which were unable to evaluate was the app. Due to the various activities in the bike, it is more crucial to to have a friendly app.

The Urtopia bike is a fixed gear,one hub motor ebike with three levels of speed assistance. The 360wh battery powers the 30lbs/15 kg city bike for almost about 60 miles of assistance.Indeed, its a very typical specifications of an ebike but Urtopia is not actually a typical bicycle. Urtopia is unique in terms of its cellular connection. Whereas, the 4G connection is responsible for a few intriguing aspects. The app provides the details of every trip you enjoyed.

Similarly, the app enables you to access your bike anytime. If somebody steals your bike , the one should have enough time to ping it and locate it. No doubt, its a most connected bike in the world. The fingerprint sensor is an additional feature which functions remarkably well. It enables quick alarm deactivation or bike activation. No matter, if you are riding a bike independently without unlocking it with your finger. You need to turn on the alarm to make it on alert.

Another feature catches an attraction are mmWave sensors. Their function is to recognize vehicles coming from either the back or the side. It will make aware of anything through a visible notification. The onboard navigation feature allows you to enter a location into the app and receive turn instructions. You can easily enjoy audio and video both from speaker and display on the handlebars.

The “smart bar” is another feature which enables you to enjoy audio and video both. One illustration is playing music wire less through the bike’s speaker.aAnother idea is the idea of “game mode” which enables you to play a game of Snake on screen using the control buttons. Off course, this should not be done while moving.

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