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Sony Unveils DualSense Edge Wireless Controller to rival Xbox Elite

by Arif
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Sony has quietly confirmed that it will release its version of a “pro” controller for the PS5, named the DualSense Edge. The new controller that Sony has released is quite similar to the Xbox Elite controller in that it features various user profiles and interchangeable stick caps with regular, low dome, and high dome choices.

Users are also given the ability to change back buttons and choose between a half-dome and a lever configuration. You can remap the back buttons, providing you with improved control right at your fingers.

Sony has also added a new Fn button that makes it easier to set up and change games to assist players in maintaining their concentration while playing. You also can easily switch between the controls that have been pre-set, as well as the volume and balance between in-game audio and chat audio.

In contrast to the standard DualSense model, the new Edge variation includes a USB Type-C braided cable with a connector casing that may be used to lock the cable in place and prevent it from being unplugged. In addition, DualSense Edge comes with a carrying case that can be used to charge the controller over a USB connection even while the case itself is used to keep the controller.

In addition, the controller will come with bearing locks for the rear triggers, making it possible to alter the travel manually.

Sony has not disclosed its price and release date yet, but if the prices of other premium pro controllers like the Xbox Elite Series 2 are any indicator, it will most likely not be inexpensive. Since the Microsoft suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Xbox Elite Series 2 is now $179.99, we may anticipate that Sony’s version will be priced similarly.

The DualSense Edge controller keeps all of the standard DualSense functionality, such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, an integrated microphone, and motion controls; however, it can have replaceable stick modules that truly differentiate it from the other controllers on the market. Stick modules can’t be swapped out in controllers like the Xbox Elite Wireless controller since they don’t have that functionality.


Controllers’ reliability is often regarded as one of the lowest among all gaming equipment. The primary issue that arises with controllers is known as stick drift. The controllers register the inputs from the sticks with the assistance of a component known as the potentiometer. After lengthy usage and exposure to extreme mechanical motions, the potentiometer deteriorates and loses its ability to detect input from the stick accurately. The issue of stick drift may now be effectively addressed thanks to DualSense Edge’s modular stick design. It does not ensure that you will not have stick drift, but if you do experience stick drift at some point in the future, at least you won’t have to replace the entire controller.

According to a blog post published by PlayStation, the Senior Vice President of Platform Experience, Hideaki Nishino, has not yet disclosed the new controller’s launch date or price. However, we can realistically anticipate that the new controller will be released either during the holiday season or early the following year in 2023. Sony is also likely to reveal the release date of the PlayStation VR2 in the near future.

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