13 Year Old iPhone 3GS Listed For Sale at Rs.300,000 in Lahore

The owner demands Rs.300,000 for the phone, but is also willing to accept a PTA approved iPhone 13 Pro Max in exchange

The world is half way through 2022, where an iPhone 6 is considered old school, there is a man that’s selling out an iPhone 3GS. What’s important to note is that the phone is almost 13 years old now and is rarely found in working conditions.

The 13 year old iPhone 3GS was put up for sale on OLX (Online Exchange). According to the sale banner, the owner demands Rs.300,000 for the phone. The person who uploaded the mobile iPhone advertisement belongs to Lahore.

According to the advertisement, the iPhone is functioning perfectly and is near to brand new. This is something quite impressive and all credit goes to the owner that has worked hard all these years to take care of the phone.

iPhone just a while back stopped updates for the iPhone 7. The iPhone 3GS however has had its updates blocked somewhere around 2013. This means that the phone hasn’t been updated for more than 9 years!

The owner in his advertisement has stated that he would also give out the iPhone 3GS in replacement with an iPhone 13 Pro max that’s PTA approved. Just so that you know, an iPhone 13 Pro max PTA approved is now being sold for Rs.455,899 in Pakistan. The vendor also claims this price to be his final and fixed one as he’s not interested in entertaining a cheap buyer/bargain.

Despite not having official stores, Apple has a crazy following in Pakistan. With the reputation Apple has built, we can definitely expect a crazy Apple fan to step up and purchase the device as a collectible item.

iPhone 3GS officially designed and marketed by Apple Inc was launched on 8th of June, 2009. It came out with the slogan of “The fastest smartphone yet” (2009-2010) and “More to love less to pay” (2010-2012). The “S” in iPhone 13GS’s name stands for speed. Within the first weekend of its release more than 1 million iPhone 13GS were sold.



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