• Pak Rupees

    The economy of Pakistan is taking a huge dip. With endless taxes on the residents of the country and very high loans that have to be returned. Under all this the common man and Pakistani Rupee are both taking a serious dip!  The rupee has plunged more then 20% in the past year, making it ...
  • 401

    Have you ever wished to become the Richest Person on the earth? Well I definitely have. The list below include the richest people of 2018 and the total net worth of these money-makers is $7.67 trillion according to March 2018 list. 1. Jeff Bezos Yes that’s definitely the smile you give when you have billion dollars ...
  • dollar

    US dollars are one of the most commonly used currency in transactions all over the world, whether they be big or small. Different countries have varying rates that either makes a dollar very cheap or expensive to them. If you are travelling the world and wonder what you can get in $1 in different places ...