• fencer

    Ibtihaj Muhammad found fencing when she was 12 years old, growing up in New Jersey, USA. As a practicing Muslim, her mother was eager to find a sport that would allow her daughter to dress modestly, to honor Islam. This launched an unexpected, barrier-breaking career for Ms. Muhammad, who, in 2016, became the first Muslim woman to ...
  • quotes

    It is no question that artists are some of the most charming personalities ever. Their minds work in a very different manner than everyone else and their perspective of the world is always intriguing as well as unique. Here are ten quotes from some great artists that you will not be able to forget. 1. ...
  • 413

    People often will say to you Never give up almost everyday. Sometimes this phrase is frustrating because you are tired of trying and now it seems like you cannot do it all, but that ain’t true. We have compiled the stories of 10 famous people that will inspire you to never give up. 1. J.K. ...
  • inspirational

    It is not unusual to feel like life has been disappointing for you lately. Humans tend to feel anxious or upset about the track their life is on more often than not. So when life gets you down or you feel like you have lost the will or inspiration to go on, here are some ...
  • stephenhawking

    The tragic death of one of the smartest people on the planet, Stephen Hawking has left us shocked and saddened. We will sorely miss his intelligence that seemed unparalleled. But Hawking was not just a brilliant man, he was also quite humorous and inspirational. His friends and colleagues have all said how he always kept ...