• Iftari platter

    Food Groups on Facebook are a trend these days. Whenever you go out, snap a picture, write a review and upload it on either of the food groups. It’s a good way to share your thoughts, positive or negative. It’s a good way for people to know about different eateries. And it’s a good way ...
  • Food mob

    Food Mobs are a new trend. This trend is a serious test for the restaurant. So many people in one go, all have to be served and all are there to critically analyze the service of the restaurant. In such scenarios the restaurant has to keep check of many things including quality, quality, freshness of ...
  • Big Zing

    Look at the scrumptious burger I had for lunch 🤤 @optpfries has been one of my favorite places to eat at, primarily because of its fries🍟 Yes I am an absolute fan of fries and definitely fries before guys 🙈 OPTP recently introduced the ‘Big Zing’ Burger.  Initially I was hesitant as I have always ...