• joeandsophie

    Singing sensation Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner tied the knot last night. After attending the Billboard Awards, the couple had a very humble and private wedding ceremony in a chapel in Las Vegas. Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and Kevin Jonas were a part of the ceremony. In the video released on ...
  • 227

    The Additional Inspector-General (AIG) of the Sindh Police’s Crime Branch, Waliullah Dil, has said that crime rate will automatically decrease if police officials stop seeking bribes. The senior police official was addressing a workshop attended by intelligence official, where he broached the topic of the Sahiwal encounter. “The Sahiwal incident is distressing,” he said. Workshop ...
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    Pakistan fashion week where all the designers have showcased their work with the gorgeous models that burn the ramp with their stunning dresses and charming walk. FPW day 3 the show closed by Deepak Perwani showcase the grand finale commenced by the mesmerizing shadow dance by a ramp display of couturier’s collection titled ‘Madhaniyan’ the ...
  • bride

    On Saturday, a twitter user posted a thread of screenshots of a crazy wedding stories from a Facebook page where people share stories and shame weddings that went wrong. The story was about a bride who outrageously asked and expected her guests to pay her $1,500 for her wedding. If you have a solid 10 ...