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    Zayn Malik, the British vocalist, once-One Direction part and sweetheart to Gigi Hadid, was the celebrity many Muslims, particularly Pakistani ones, got a kick out of the chance to guarantee as their very own in light of the fact that man had a dad who was a Pakistani Muslim and his family seems, by all ...
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    Zayn Malik has been making his fans very happy recently, with the latest amazing cover shoot for Elle India. The interview shows a new and different side of the singer that people may not have seen before. He also praises Bollywood films and music. The British-Pakistani singer revealed more details about his second upcoming album ...
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    International pop sensation Zayn Malik has created an uproar by gracing the cover of the February edition of Elle India magazine. Flaunting his piercings and tattoos, the British-Pakistani crooner looks his casual best in a Tommy Hilfiger cricket jumper reported in an Indian News forum. This is the first time that Zayn has featured in an Indian magazine. ...