• We Have To Share Our Food To Our Neighbours - Faysal Qureshi

    We Have To Share Our Food To Our Neighbours – Faysal Qureshi
  • Iftari platter

    Food Groups on Facebook are a trend these days. Whenever you go out, snap a picture, write a review and upload it on either of the food groups. It’s a good way to share your thoughts, positive or negative. It’s a good way for people to know about different eateries. And it’s a good way ...
  • Food mob

    Food Mobs are a new trend. This trend is a serious test for the restaurant. So many people in one go, all have to be served and all are there to critically analyze the service of the restaurant. In such scenarios the restaurant has to keep check of many things including quality, quality, freshness of ...
  • PIA-breakfast-

    “Just when you start missing it, we serve you a taste of home!” claims PIA. And this sentence has stirred up a large amount of responses.  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook users have been slamming PIA for serving classic English breakfast and labelling it as Desi. People have questioned PIA about it’s changed breakfast menu and ...
  • Big Zing

    Look at the scrumptious burger I had for lunch 🤤 @optpfries has been one of my favorite places to eat at, primarily because of its fries🍟 Yes I am an absolute fan of fries and definitely fries before guys 🙈 OPTP recently introduced the ‘Big Zing’ Burger.  Initially I was hesitant as I have always ...
  • First And Basic Step Of Making Good Food In Home - Salam Zindagi

    Salam Zindagi – 1st May 2019HD Quality only on ARY Zindagi Official YouTube Channel. Guest: Chef Farah Muhammad, Kiran Khan, Abeel,Chef Wardah Host: Faysal Qureshi
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    Croissant is a buttery, flaky pastry from Austria. Its name comes frim its crescent shape. Croissants are made with a special dough that is mixed with yeast and butter. The dough is rolled, flattened, shaped and then baked. They are loaded with carbs and are served hot.  People think croissants are from France and have ...
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    Yes we are all impatiently waiting for Mango season to start. But did you know all the health benefits associated with mangoes? The fruit is a great source of vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars; in addition to all this, mangoes improve memory, vision and alkalize the body. So this time round have an extra serving ...
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    Bananas are great for you. They’re packed full of energy-giving carbohydrate, contain gut-loving fiber, and heart-healthy potassium, and that’s just some of the health benefits. The banana skins, although discarded by most, can also have many benefits. Rubbing the inner-flesh on your face makes an excellent moisturizer for skin, they can help whiten your teeth, and many more. However, ...
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    You might find this hard to believe but there are some foods and drinks that cause our bodies to produce strong smells. If you’re eating high levels of certain foods, the foul-smelling compounds they contain may be excreted through your sweat glands to give off an unpleasant odor. Here is a list of five foods ...
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    Eid-ul-Azha is a festive celebrated during the month of Zil Hajj. This year the event was celebrated during the 22nd to 24th August 2018. With eid-ul-azha comes along a lot of food. Different kinds of dishes are cooked around the world following the sacrifice of an animal. Most Muslims consume red meat after an animal ...
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    No one can really understand these Chinese food names and story behind it .Chinese cuisine has been developed so highly that it has reached the status of an art form, have adapted freely and changed fluidly with time. There are many dishes where the name originated from folklore, legend and stories too. There are 3 ...
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    here are the traditional foods Pakistan Curry: Curry is a variety of dishes originating in the Indian subcontinent that use a complex combination of spices or herbs, usually including ground turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, and fresh or dried chilies. Tikka: Tikka, is a type of food from the Indian subcontinent. It is also known as teeka ...
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    Here are list of some foods that prevent Cancer. 1- Broccoli 2- Carrots 3 – Beans 4- Berries 5- Cinnamon 6- Nuts 7- Olive Oil 8 – Turmeric 9 – Citrus Fruits 10 – Flaxseeds
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    Karachi otherwise called ‘The City of lights’ which never dozes and for the most part known for its delicious nourishment as there are many culture and religions, which lives gently and spread the adoration with their sustenance. The city with the wonderful vast sea and furthermore loaded with scrumptious sustenance roads as it the best ...
  • vanilla

    Vanilla is one spice that is the most exported and expensive in the world. Madagascar has the best vanilla of any place in the world. Vanilla is used in everything including creams, cakes, and syrups. It not only adds a pleasant flavor but also smell to the food. It can be sold for up to ...
  • saeeda

    Pakistan’s leading and multi-Award winning, independent publishing house Markings Publishing will be heading to the prestigious International Gourmand Awards 2018 taking place on the 27th of May in China.Their latest title ‘Pakistan Heritage Cuisine – A Food Story’, authored by Sayeeda Leghari, has been nominated in two categories: ‘Asian – Published in Asia’ and ‘Culinary Heritage’. Indeed, ...
  • optp

    OPTP has always been known to come up with some of the most amazing deals and offers especially during Ramadan. Their Ramadan deals are always curated to bring you great meals at affordable prices. Their recent Ramadan deals offer 6 Chicken burgers for Rs. 990 and 8 drumsticks for Rs. 990. We suggest you take ...
  • dollar

    US dollars are one of the most commonly used currency in transactions all over the world, whether they be big or small. Different countries have varying rates that either makes a dollar very cheap or expensive to them. If you are travelling the world and wonder what you can get in $1 in different places ...
  • msg

    People have always been told that Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is a naturally derived compound of sodium and glutamic acid present in food, is very harmful and can be very hazardous for health. That it is an evil chemical that can give people headaches, asthma, heart palpitations etc. It’s been commonly used in Asian cuisine ...